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You've probably come to the decision that you need to outsource your social media marketing, we believe Chatterdoo Media stands out from other agencies thanks to our complete transparency of pricing and what you can expect from us.
Chatterdoo Media specializes in social media marketing and helping your business be as visible as possible to your current and potential customers ensuring your brands reputation.
We work with all the main platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
The first thing Chatterdoo Media will do is have a really good look at your current social media accounts and identify areas that could be improved on such as content, hashtags, the potential for influencers and adverts.
We will then work with you to build your brand identity. It used to be a case of throw a net out to see how many customers you can attract, it's now much more specific on social media, our expertise can help you cast your net into the right waters specific to your brand.

Why is Social Media so important?

Social Media really should to be within your companies Marketing Strategy.  A recent survey indicated that 67% of a buyers journey is based on social media (survey produced by Sprout Social), and a potential customer is more likely to buy from you if they follow you on social media.
Customers relate more to moving images such as Gif's and video's, we can help with this.  Studies show you have 3 seconds to entice a customer to your brand on social media, so the age old saying of "first impressions matter", on social media this is literally the case. 
Social media can drive traffic to your website and produce sales or bookings. 
Each platform provides you with a different demographic ranging from age, shopping experience and profession, with each you have an automatic audience.  There is a different community depending on the platform so Chatterdoo Media can help you to decide which social media platform is right for you.

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